Lance & Greg’s Club Repair & Fitting Corner

Keep your golf equipment in pristine condition. Trust the Certified Club Technicians at Rochester Indoor Golf to turn your old golf clubs into like-new condition. We offer a variety of club repair services:

Shaft Installation, Removal & Adjustment

  • Standard Shaft Install

    We have the tools and materials necessary to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft. Improve your golf clubs and shop for new shafts that fit your game.

  • Bore-Through Shaft Install

    Bore-through golf clubs require a different shaft installation process. Trust the RIGC Certified Club Technicians who have been trained to install bore-through shafts.

  • Remove Shaft

    If your shaft is broken or doesn’t fit your swing, you can have it removed by a RIGC Certified Club Technician. We have the tools to remove graphite or steel shafts without damaging other components of your golf club.

  • Lengthen Shaft Without Grip

    Is your club too short? RIGC’s Certified Club Technicians have the tools necessary to add an extension to your current shaft so that it better fits your game.

Grip Installation

  • Grip Install

    While a simple procedure, there are some intricacies to regripping your clubs. RIGC’s Certified Club Technicians are skilled in removing and installing golf club grips, and making sure you have the correct size grip.

  • Save Grip

    Want to save your old grips? RIGC’s Certified Club Technicians can remove most grips without damaging their structure.


    Golf Grips are an inexpensive way to invigorate your golf clubs and give you a sense of confidence to your golf swing. If your grips are cracked, slick, have wear spots or just plain look bad, a new set of grips could save you 3-4 strokes, and $$$.

Loft & Lie Adjustment

  • Loft and lie adjustment involves the use of specially-designed equipment and a great deal of experience. Certified Club Technicians use methods and procedures to bend golf clubs.  We have the knowledge and science to meet your individual loft and lie specifications.

Additional Repair Services

  • Replace Ferrule

    Many clubheads require a ferrule, or plastic trim piece that provides a transition from the hosel of the clubhead to the shaft. RIGC’s Certified Club Technicians can replace a broken or worn ferrule.

  • Re-Epoxy Head

    If your club head is loose or has become unattached from the shaft, don’t go buy a new club. RIGC’s Certified Club Technicians can install the head correctly and re-epoxy the head so it is returned to a like-new state.

  • Remove Rattle

    Small components can come loose inside your golf clubs, causing an annoying rattle that may distract you from your game. Have that rattle removed at Rochester Indoor Golf Center.


Buying golf clubs without first being fitted for custom golf shafts is like buying a car with only one driver’s seat position. You may get lucky and that may be the perfect position for your feet to comfortably reach the pedals. But more likely you are going to need to adjust the seat. You can still operate the vehicle from that one locked position but it will be more difficult to control. The same thing happens in golf when you use shafts that are not custom fitted to your game – you can still hit shots but they will be more difficult to control.

A golf swing is all about angles. The fewer angles you create, the simpler your golf swing is and the easier it is to consistently deliver the club head to the ball in the proper position. Every extra angle that is created in a golf swing requires a compensation to return the clubhead squarely to the ball. And the quickest way to create unnecessary and unwanted angles is with improperly fitted golf clubs.

Often you hear high-handicappers dismiss custom fitted clubs by stating their games are not good enough to warrant such an “extravagance.” But they could be confusing cause and effect. It may well be that poor-fitting clubs have doomed their chances for success from the beginning. Many golf swing ills can be cured simply by obtaining proper-fitting equipment.

Standing too far away from the ball? Shafts too long. Hands too low at address? Clubs too short. Hanging iron shots out to the right? Shafts too stiff. An expert club fitter will quickly recognize these and other swing flaws that flow from equipment that is simply not suited to the player.

Golf is hard enough to play – we all know that. You want to whittle away as many variables in the hunt for par as possible. Stop in and visit RIGC  to discover how we can lead you down the path to the best custom golf shafts fitted for your swing. Once you know your golf shafts have been fitted properly and bad shots are still coming you know it is time to go to work on that swing.

How much does it cost to be custom fit into the right clubs at Rochester Indoor Golf Center?  $0!!!!  We WANT you to continue to come back, knowing you had the absolute best service and clubs for YOUR game.  It’s free service we offer with the purchase of clubs at RIGC. Stop in today, and get the clubs that are right for you!


Adjustments/Repair Costs

  • Custom Grip Installation  $6

  • Save Grip  $5

  • Shorten Shaft  $4

  • Standard Shaft Installation  $15 + cost of shaft

  • Lengthen Shaft  $8

  • Remove Shaft  $10

  • Bore Through Shaft Installation  $25

  • Reshaft (Set of 8) $80+ cost of shafts

  • Loft and Lie Adjustment  $7 per club

  • Check Swing-weight  $5

  • Putter Lie Adjustment  $7

  • Loft or Lie Adjustment  $7 per club

  • Tighten Head Iron  $12

  • Replace Ferrule  $10

  • Remove Rattle  $12

  • Replace Spikes  $12 + cost of spikes

 Custom Fittings (please call ahead to schedule a time)

  • Iron Fitting - (Free with Iron Set Purchase) - $39.99 - approximately 40 minutes

  • Driver Fitting - (Free with NEW Driver Purchase) - $29.99 - approximately 30 minutes

  • Full Set Fitting - (Free with purchase of $500+) - $59.99 - approximately 50 minutes

If you think reading a launch monitor and saying “You’re spin is too high, try this” is all there is to club fitting, think again. There is an art to the science behind all of this, and the folks at Rochester Indoor Golf Center have DECADES of experience fitting our customers. We invite you to come experience all Rochester Indoor Golf Center has to offer.